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10 before and after photo edits – favorites from my Instagram #4

A new collection of before and after photos is live! I am happy to share 10 edits that in my opinion will make you say “Wow!”. In this post I will show you 10 of my favorite recent and not so recent photos before and after editing, as well as include some information about the way the photos were edited.

If you haven’t seen the previous parts of these series, click here for the first, here for the second part and here for the third part.

If you want to see the before and after of any other photo from my account, be sure to message me your request in my Instagram. 🙂

The 10 edits

My most recent photo on Instagram. This is the reason to shoot in RAW, because if this photo was taken in JPEG only, the detail and colors would not have been retrievable back. Photo edited only on Lightroom.

This edit was done back in Spring 2019, and I edited it on Polarr. Purple crocuses is so old school, blue is the new black ?

This officially now is my most liked photo on my Instagram. I am amazed by how well it did, and I am also happy, because I really like the photo and edit as well! It’s edited only on Lightroom, and if you have Lightroom application on your device, feel free to tap here to see the edits step by step and learn from what I have adjusted to edit like this yourself!

A capture of a red poppy from 2019 – edited on Adobe Lightroom. I changed the tones of the red and green, as well as highlighted the flower by highlighting and darkening some parts to make it look more 3D. I also used very thin brush tool to darken bottom of the flower petal lines, and added some color in the background.

Dying poppy from this year, edited using my Lightroom preset Dark forest + adding some adjustments over the preset

I can say that this is an edit that took the longest time to edit due to all the adjustments in the background. I edited the colors, using my Lightroom preset Infrared, which changes all the yellows and greens to red color. Quite an amazing change I would say. The edit is done completely on Adobe Lightroom. You can tap here to open Lightroom and see a step-by-step tutorial on how I edited this photo.

I only recently (about half a year ago) started getting more into darker edits, and I quite like the style. I edited this photo on Lightroom – applied a preset to get this look. The shadows have been lifted through Curves tool, and tones have been darkened, both together creating that moody feel. In the end I used PicsArt to apply the overlay on top.

Another edit that I would call darker and moody. I completely removed the warmth from the photo, reducing all the yellows, and introducing colder tones in the photo. This one also is edited using Lightroom.

A very recent photo of mine that overgo a lot of editing to remove the distracting branches in the background. The photo is edited on Adobe Lightroom – I enhanced the colors and brightness, warmed up the background and lifted the shadows on the bee a lot. I exported it from Lightroom and imported in PicsArt to blur all the remaining distractions away from the background. In the end I imported it back in Lightroom to finalize the adjustments.

I’m once again finishing with an edit that I’m yet to publish in my feed. Purple theme will arrive quite soon (in August), and you will see both this photo, and the last photo from the previous Before and After blog post in there. The photo is edited on Lightroom – I warmed the tones up, added some contrast and added different colors to the sides of the photo. Well that’s just talking in short. You can see for yourself to really see all the things that I did here, because this edit as well is available in Lightroom Discover section. Tap here to see the edit step-by-step!


I surely hope I inspired you to open Lightroom (or any other editing app) and try your skill on editing a photo yourself. I bet you’ll do great! ?

Be sure to give a visit to my Instagram to see all my recent photos and find more inspiration for your edits. Stay tuned for part 5, because I will always have some edits to share with you! ?

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