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How To Quickly Stabilize a Video – Quicktorial

Have you ever been angry at yourself when you are rewatching a video you filmed, but your hands were shaking, or the flower is shaking in the wind, and you end up not posting the video at all? Did you know that you can easily with just one tap stabilize any video and have it look like it was captured on a tripod? No? Then keep on reading, because you will be surprised how easy this is.

Quicktorial is a new series I have started where I will share a small and quick tutorial in a short blog post format time after time.

I film a lot of videos when I’m out in the nature – a bee on a flower, blooming trees, or just a forest that I’ve been walking through. Pretty often I am disappointed with the result, because the video is shaking and not stabilized. But I fix the problem really quickly with Google Photos application. It’s an app to back up your photos in a cloud. But it’s something more as well.

Update: Turns out this feature is available only on Android devices. Sadly on iOS and iPadOS the feature is nowhere to be found.

The steps to stabilize your video

  1. Install Google Photos (Android, iOS)
  2. Open the app and locate the video in your device
  3. Tap on the middle icon in the bottom (open the video in editing mode)
  4. Tap on the icon on the lower bottom corner. It will stabilize your video
  5. Wait for a while. The longer the video – the longer will the stabilization occur
  6. If needed, you can also trim your video
  7. Tap “Save copy”
The icon described in step 3
The icon described in step 4

You can see the result from a stabilization that I did – below

The example above is a non-moving video, but this works just as well on videos where you move the camera around – they get stabilized and the movement is smooth.

Take in mind – in case the Photos app tells you “Error loading video” – you need to edit the video in another application and export it, and only then – edit in the Photos app. I have noticed that the videos coming straight from my Nikon cmera show this error. I load them in InShot app and export without doing anything, and this solves the issue.

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