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10 before and after photo edits – favorites from my Instagram #3

I’m back with new set of photos to show you how they looked before and after I edited them! In this post I will show you 10 of my favorite photos before and after editing, as well as include some information about the way the photos were edited.

If you haven’t seen the previous parts of these series, click here for the first, and here for the second part.

If you want to see the before and after of any other photo, be sure to message me your request in my Instagram. 🙂

The 10 edits

One of my most recent photos in my Instagram – from my moody edit theme. Edited in Lightroom by using a filter and some additional touch-ups to complete the edit.

An edit made in Lightroom with the help of selective adjustments to color the background. A little bit of color can surely change a photo!

Quite simple edit using Adobe Lightroom. I believe no selective editing was used for this edit, but I did clean up the distracting elements with the healing brush.

One of my favorite photos from my orange theme. This cute wasp baby makes a perfect macro. Edited in Adobe Lightroom. I changed the background using selective editing tool, which took me some time. But the edit you’re seeing is not all to the photo. Scroll down.

This is the full sized photo. It was cropped quite a lot. This is one of the perks of having many megapixels in my camera.

An edit from my pastel theme, made in Adobe Lightroom. Just some tone change and softening.

An edit I like quite a lot. Edited in Adobe Lightroom. It’s from my purple theme, and in Instagram it was published cropped in 4:5 ratio and with some fairy dust on top that I added with Lens Distortions app. Tap here to see the posted Instagram version if you haven’t already.

Another favorite from my yellow/orange theme. This cute bumblebee was edited in Adobe Lightroom. Thanks to capturing the photo in RAW format, I was able to get out a lot of detail in its eyes and other darker spots.

This colorful edit was also done in Adobe Lightroom by the help of selective editing. I softened and colored the background, as well as added some more haze to it.

Quite recent photo from my orange theme. Edited in Lightroom with help of selective editing. And prepared by the help of a water spray bottle, because there is no dew in the middle of the day (:

I’m finishing with an edit that I’m yet to publish in my feed, so you most definitely haven’t seen this after in my Instagram. I edited the photo with a help of selective editing. First I dehazed and softened the lower right corner where the leaf was. After doing so I cloned/healed out the remaining parts of the leaf to have the background more smooth. And of course, the colors were changed using the HSL slider. Though some background tones were edited with selective editing as well.


Editing is fun. And I consider it to be a way of art. Capturing photo is one thing, but with editing you can make it a completely different one, or change the vibe to a whole another level. Have fun editing your photos and see you in part 4 🙂

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