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10 before and after photo edits – favorites from my Instagram

I have been thinking of creating new blog post series for some time, and since all my Instagram is about photography – showing before and after photos of my edits seemed quite interesting. I know, I know. I have before and after in my Instagram stories, but in this blog you have the ability to use a slider to reveal the before photo yourself. No more tapping back and forward in the stories! Also – you will see some new before and after photos, which I haven’t shared in my stories too!

This time I will share 10 of my favorite before and after photos from my Instagram.

Use the slider to reveal the before and after of each of these photos.

The 10 edits

This one went though a lot, including some retouches from the RAW file, filters and colors from Lightroom, and finishing with the magical touch of snowfall from PicsArt app.

You can see the benefits of shooting in raw in the lighter areas. I recovered information where it was lost in the JPEG.

Read about the top editing applications I use in this blog post.

I edited this Christmas themed photo using Lightroom (colors) and PicsArt (for the magical bokeh).

This Dahlia photo is one of my favorite edits of all time. I used Lightroom to edit it, including the background change using selective editing tool.

I absolutely love the power of HSL (Hue-Saturation-Luminance) in Lightroom, which I used for this edit.

One of those photos for which I did not use Lightroom, rather than Polarr. The HSL slider in Polarr can change hue of your colors more drastically than Lightroom can.

This edit was made with Lightroom for the colors and PicsArt for the magical floaty things.

This photo shows the power of selective editing in Lightroom – making this almost monochrome photo into positive and colorful one. If you don’t have the Lightroom paid version, you can use Polarr selective editing with the daily free export option.

This photo is my 6th most liked photo in 2019 with 1329 likes. I used Lightroom to edit it.

Shot in May, edited in November, posted in January. Yup, that’s the life of my photos – sometimes I got to wait quite a long time for the photo to fit in my feed. App used for the edit: Lightroom.

Leave the best for the end, right? I think this photo is one of my most craziest makeovers when comparing the before and after. I used Lightroom selective editing for this edit.


That’s it for this time. Stay tuned for more before-after blog posts like this.

Which edit was your favorite one? Leave your answer in the comments. 🙂

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