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10 before and after photo edits – favorites from my Instagram #2

It’s time for the second part of the before and after of my Instagram photos. In this post I will show you 10 of my favorite photos before and after editing, as well as include some information about the way the photos were edited.

If you haven’t seen the first part of these series, then head to my blog post 10 before and after photo edits – favorites from my Instagram – and check out those edits too.

In case you’re not familiar with my Instagram – all these photos and many more can be seen in my Instagram account – macro.viewpoint.

Use the slider to reveal the before and after of each of these photos.

The 10 edits

Edited in Lightroom by using selective editing for changing the background colors. If you’re curious about what editing apps I usually use for my photos, you can check out my blog post Top 5 editing apps I use.

This is how this selective edit looks in Lightroom. Each dot is a selective edit applied to an area of the photo. I also have an editing video up in my Instagram IGTV (the middle tab) for a very similar photo of the same flower, so you can see how I edit my photos in Lightroom.

This Hydrangea flower is edited on Lightroom to change the colors, and afterwards I added the bokeh in PicsArt by using the Mask option.

Quite a simple and quick edit in Lightroom using HSL sliders.

This photo from Spring 2019 was posted in my white theme in the start of 2020 – quite a long waiting time, but it was worth it, because I love the moody result I created by using Lightroom. The background is altered with selective editing.

Lightroom helped me alter the colors of this photo, but for the bokeh I used an app I haven’t mentioned before – Photo Glitter Light effect (Android). I haven’t used the app much, but in some occasions I manage to get the bokeh or glitter just right with it.

Quite a simple, yet effective edit I did in Lightroom. I absolutely love how it looks after – moody and dark.

One of my favorite photos from my gallery. This edit is done in Polar application. They have premium features, but they offer one free export a day, so I suggest you to try this app.

Edited in Lightroom by using selective editing for the background. I use the Dehaze tool to soften and brighten the background in the darker places.

Another one edited in Lightroom. Quite simple adjustments can make a photo look so much better!

I’m finishing with one of my favorite edits from my gallery. Lightroom selective editing allowed me to alter the background and color it in purple, pink and blue tones, as if all the background was covered in so much more flowers.


Don’t forget to check out also the edits I have saved in my Instagram story highlights if you want to see more. From time to time I also share some before and after photos in there too, but I will be more focusing on sharing the edits in blog, because it’s much more interesting when using the slider. Don’t you agree?

Stay tuned for part 3, I have already selected the edits I will share. Meanwhile you can check out other blog posts I have published. You might have missed some!

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