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20+ Adobe Lightroom Creative Mood Presets for Macro, Flower and Nature Photos (Mobile and Desktop)

A preview of before and after comparison of Adobe Lightroom Creative Mood preset pack

It’s been one year since I released my last Lightroom preset pack. For the past year I have found new and creative ways to edit my photos. I have beloved dark and moody edits, teal background with contrasting color subjects, and more. I have been saving Lightroom presets of my edits. And I want to share it all with you! What a better way than to create a Lightroom preset pack that you can use on your own photos to gain the look I have been using for my own photos?

Lots of experimenting, saved edits and published photos later – I have prepared 20 unique presets just for you.

But hold on, if you are not familiar with my presets, you have the chance to do so!

I have three more Lightroom preset packs:

  • Spring vibesfree of charge – you can download and try them instantly. 9 presets in the pack
  • Fall presets – to enhance your Autumn photos. Can be purchased by sending me a message on Instagram. 12 presets in the pack
  • Winter presets – so that you can spice up your boring grayscale winter photos. Can be purchased by sending me a message on Instagram. 14 presets in the pack

But now – let’s get familiar with my latest addition – Creative Mood presets.

About the “Creative Mood” preset pack

The Creative Mood presets are available both on mobile devices and on desktop version of Lightroom (CC and Classic). They can also be used in Adobe Photoshop Camera RAW Filter.

You can visit my Instagram page – @macro.viewpoint – to see the end result of my edits by using these presets.

The Creative Mood preset pack includes 27 preset files altogether. Divided into two volumes, the pack acts as two separate packs that you can get individually. These are the presets included in the VOL1 pack: Blackout (1 & 2), Chocolate darkness, Peppermint, Icing, Vintage sweetness, Waves, Sour grape (1&2), Blueberry, Lavender (1&2), Cotton Candy. VOL2 pack includes presets such as: Bold Sweetness (1&2), Ocean, Handful of Dark, Coral Dreams, Hard Candy, Icicle (1 & 2 & 3 & 4), Candy Wrapper, Gloomlicious, Midnight snack, Chocolate candy.

Please note: If you use Lightroom mobile, you need the paid version of the app (with unlocked masking) to fully experience the power of the presets. Some of the presets include selective masking adjustments.

Demo of Creative Mood presets

Here’s a look at what each of the presets can do and how they could transfer your photos!

Some of the presets have multiple variations that give out similar, but different results. I have included multiple demos for some presets to help you better understand how they work on different photos.

Use the slider to reveal the Before and After photos.


First of the two volume packs for Creative Mood presets – contains 10 presets.

001 Blackout

002 Chocolate darkness

003 Peppermint

004 Icing

005 Vintage sweetness

006 Waves

007 Sour grape

008 Blueberry

009 Lavender

010 Cotton Candy


Second of the two volume packs for Creative Mood presets – contains 10 presets.

011 Bold Sweetness

012 Ocean

013 Handful of Dark

014 Coral Dreams

015 Hard Candy

016 Icicle

017 Candy Wrapper

018 Gloomlicious

019 Midnight snack

020 Chocolate candy

Installing the Lightroom presets

While it’s quite easy to install the presets, understanding how to do so yourself for the first time could be challenging. Tap here to read my tutorial on installing Lightroom presets on mobile or desktop.

Download and get these Adobe Lightroom presets

There are two options on purchasing the presets:

  1. Subscribe my Patreon!
    Macro VIP tier will gain you access to one volume per month while the Macro VIP & Macro Fan tiers will allow you to get one preset. To get both presets right away, send me a message and I can open up a bigger tier for you.
    In addition to presets, you will also get other benefits for the same price, such as digital photo downloads, before-after reveals, editing tips and even editing workflow reveal of my photos
  2. A PayPal transfer. To purchase this way, send me a message on Instagram and I will let you know the next steps.

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