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14 Adobe Lightroom Winter and Snow Presets for Macro and Nature Photos (Mobile and Desktop)

I recently encountered a problem with my Winter photos not meeting my expectations, because there was no Sun to create a beautiful bokeh backdrop. And I had no idea how to edit them. Until I started experimenting with tones and adding different colors. And you know what, I was finally happy with how they looked. I’ve decided to create Adobe Lightroom presets so you can level up your winter photos too. Level up and transform them from boring, almost black-and-white photos, to colorful photos that scream “Winter”.

This isn’t my first Adobe Lightroom preset rodeo. I’ve already created two more preset packs earlier this year. One is Spring vibes for your flower, macro, and nature photos, which you can already download for free. And the second one is for your Fall (Autumn) photos to introduce a dark and moody vibe, as well as highlight the orange in your photos even if the trees are actually green. Tap here to view my Autumn presets.

Update: More preset packs have been created after this one. Tap here to view my Creative Mood presets which showcases the moody look my photos had in 2021 and 2022.

The Winter presets are available both on mobile devices and on desktop version of Lightroom. To understand more the way I edit my photos, and what feel the presets would give to your photos, you can visit my Instagram page – @macro.viewpoint.

About the Winter presets

The Winter preset pack includes 16 preset files altogether. The presets include 14 presets with variations: Winter Light, Iced Away, Winter Sunset, Into the Snowstorm (1 & 2), Frozen Sun (1 & 2), Cold as Ice, Color Games, A Touch of Cold, Dark Winter Evenings, Cold blue, Winter Breath, Light up the Darkness, Cold Winter Sun and Winter Rainbow.

Please note that you need a paid version of Adobe Lightroom (with unlocked selective editing) to fully experience the power of the presets.

Demo of the Winter Lightroom presets

Here’s a look at what each of the presets can do and how they could transfer your Winter photos!

Winter Light

Iced Away

Winter Sunset

Into the Snowstorm

Frozen Sun

Cold as Ice

Color Games

A Touch of Cold

Dark Winter Evening

Cold Blue

Winter Breath

Light up the Dark

Cold Winter Sun

Winter Rainbow

Installing the Lightroom presets

While it’s quite easy to install the presets, understanding how to do so yourself for the first time could be challenging. Tap here to read about how to install Lightroom presets on mobile or desktop.

Pricing & How To Get These Adobe Lightroom Presets

The pricing starts from €4.95 per volume.

There are three ways to purchase the presets:

1. Subscribe to my Patreon!
The Macro VIP tier will gain you access to one volume per month while the Macro VIP Extra tier will get you two. The Macro VIP & Macro Fan tiers will allow you to get one preset each month. To get all the presets right away, send me a message and I can open up a bigger tier for you.

In addition to presets, you will also get other benefits for the same price, such as my Photography & Editing Tutorials, Tips, Before & After reveal with step-by-step explanations and digital photo downloads.

2. Get it on Etsy.

3. A PayPal transfer. To purchase this way, message me on Instagram and I will let you know the next steps.

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