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How to Reorder Your Instagram Story Highlights – Quicktorial

Instagram don’t have a feature to reorder your story highlights. You create your highlights and as you add your new content in, the initial order gets all messed up. But there is a workaround. You can change the order of your story highlights and I’ve been practicing this for a long time. To find out how, follow these steps. ??

Step 1: Add any story to a highlight you want to move to the beginning

When you add something to a story highlight, it gets moved to the first position in your highlight list. So doing this will change your highlight order.

It doesn’t matter what story you choose to add and whether it is related to your highlight or not. You will be removing it afterwards.

The moment you add your story to the highlight, Instagram will reorder your story highlights.

Example of steps

Let’s say I want to move my story highlight “Support me” to the beginning. Currently it’s 6th in order and not visible to the viewers of my Instagram on mobile.

The story highlight “Support me” is not visible

I’m doing the following steps to add a new story to the highlight:

Hold down your finger on the highlight and choose Edit highlight.

Switch to Add tab and select any story you’ve recently shared that’s not in the highlight already.

Tap Done.

The highlights now are reordered and my highlight “Support me” is positioned as the first

The story highlight “Support me” is moved as first

Step 2: Remove the story you just added from the highlight

When you remove a story from a highlight, the order of the highlights does not get changed. So if you simply remove the previously added story, the result will be just the same as before, but the order of the story highlights will be reordered.

Example of steps

Now while my story highlight “Support me” is first, it contains a story that’s completely unrelated to the highlight. To remove it, I’m doing the following steps:

Hold down your finger on the highlight and choose Edit highlight.

Unselect the last story that you previously added.

Tap Done.

The process is now completed and the content of highlight is unchanged compared to how it was before you started. And you have reordered your story highlights!

Step 3: Repeat for other story highlights to reorder them

Do this for all the highlights you want to move to the beginning to get more attention on them.

Remember! If you want the order of four stories A, B, C, D to be D, A, C, B, you need to start the steps with highlight B, then C, then A and finish with the highlight D to reorder them correctly. You have to start with the highlight you want to be last, and finish with the one you want to appear as first.


It’s that easy! Now you can get your viewers attention to the highlights that matter to you the most. Remember to repeat these steps after a while if you have added new content to other highlights of yours.

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