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5 Apps For Creating Instagram Stories That Stand Out

Instagram stories is a great way to connect with your followers. Either you share the photos you took, or share content from other accounts, or just want to add something fun like bingo or quizzes – sometimes the stories created in Instagram app can get pretty boring. The same fonts, the same layouts and nothing new to drag your eyes to. It’s time for a change. I will share with you 5 story apps that I use for creating my Instagram stories.

There are multiple kinds of applications for Instagram stories – starting from apps to make photo collages, apps to make “bingo”, “this or that” and other kinds of games, and even apps to make animated photo and text collages.

Unfold – collages in your Instagram stories

Available for Android, iOS

With Instagram story templates that Unfold provide – you can create all kinds of photo and text collages starting with just one photo in the template, and even up to 5 and more photos with or without text.

You can change the font and other styles for the text you add in. It’s also possible to change the background color to have the story match your preferences.

I use this app to create my “Sunday Favorites” shout-outs. I use the classic template collection (the free one) to share 3 and up to 5 photos from users in one story.

Canva – hundreds of templates for Instagram stories

Available for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac

With a huge free collection of templates available, this is my new favorite app for creating photo stories.

Canva has all kinds of templates not only for Instagram stories, but also for Instagram posts, Facebook covers, Twitter posts, as well as Diplomas, Flyers and many more. And whole lot of them are available for free.

Under “Instagram story” category you can choose from so many different template types, for example “This or that”, “Bingo” game, whole lot of photo and text templates and many more. You can change the template, alter fonts, modify colors and make the story to your liking. All templates that you edit will be saved as drafts that you can get back to any time.

I use this app to create my “Quick fingers” shout-out, as well as the “Thank you for sharing” shout-out with screenshots of user’s shares of my photos.

One of my “Quick fingers” shout-out that I do daily

Animated stories – for animating your Instagram stories

Available on Android

When it isn’t enough to share a static photo, you can use video stories. This application allows you to create all kinds of video stories, including before-after, moodboards, photo galleries and many more.

There are templates which have an option to add your text, you can change the duration of the video output, as well as you can upload up to 4 photos to change one by one in some templates. Others offer only one or two (two in before-after template, for example). It’s also possible to change the background color, font of any text, as well as colors of other elements.

I use this app to create before-after editing videos, as well as share newly photographed photos. It’s possible to share even 16 photos in one story with this app (4 photos that change 4 times to different ones). When showcasing the photos that I captured recently, I love this feature a lot.

A screenshot of the application

mojo – story animation as well

Available on Android, iOS

Similar in functionality to the Animated Stories app. There are different templates available, so if one app does not have what you’re looking for – the other one will.

From the free templates, it is possible to share up to 8 photos in a single story. The app includes templates with text as well. You can change the font, change colors as well as alter the timeline for each animated object.

I use this app rarely, but sometimes when the Animated stories app does not have the template I am looking for, this one might.

A screenshot of the application

Add Text – for any kind of text on your Instagram stories

Available on Android

This is the application that I use the most. Either it’s just for adding a text on your image, creating a story from scratch, or just adding a watermark on a photo.

The application offers the ability to add text, photos and shapes for creating the perfect template. You can use any font you wish (as long as you download and add it in the app), so the possibilities are endless.

You can create story stickers with the application. Tap here to read how to do that. I have also described the app more, as well as mentioned the sites to get free fonts in another blog post – tap here to read.

I use this app every day to add watermark on my photos. I simply choose a photo (my watermark), place it where I want it, resize if needed, and choose opacity. Also almost every story in my Instagram that has text on it – is created on this app.

Here are some examples of what can be achieved with the app:

Blog post announcement created with Add Text app
Best nine of June story created with Add Text app


Instagram stories are a useful tool, and when you use it right – you get the attention of users in between your posts. Using such apps can make a user look at your story longer, and that is what we want, don’t we? Did any of the apps were useful to you? Feel free to share your results made with these apps to me on Instagram.

Do you know more useful applications for creating Instagram stories? Share them in the comments to let others see them as well.

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