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12 Adobe Lightroom Fall Presets for Macro and Nature Photographers (Mobile and Desktop)

We all want our Autumn photos to look at their best when editing the photos. Sometimes it’s challenging to find the right mood and colors to use in an edit. And what if there is no Autumn yet, but you want that dark, gloomy mood and orange tones in your photos? I have a solution for these problems. Adobe Lightroom offers the functionality such as Presets, where only with one tap / one click you can completely change the photo and perhaps make the photo ready to post! And I have created created 12 (actually 17, if you count in the multiple variations) Adobe Lightroom presets fitted right for your Fall photos. Let them be mushrooms, leaves, trees, or even anything green that you want to turn into a Fall photo.

In case you did not know, I had already created one Adobe Lightroom preset pack – for your Spring macro and nature photos. And they are now available completely for free! Tap here to download them, if you haven’t already.

The Fall presets are available both on mobile devices and on desktop version of Lightroom. To understand more the way I edit my photos, and what feel the presets would give to your photos, you can visit my Instagram page – @macro.viewpoint.

About the Fall presets

The Fall preset pack includes 17 preset files altogether. The presets include: Bluebells, Fall shade, Fall touch, Fallen fern, Gloomday, Green mood, Green mood 2, Green mood 3, Hazy evening, Instant Autumn, Instant Autumn 2, Instant Autumn 3, Maple red, Sundown, Sunshine, Wicked daisies and Wicked daisies 2.

Demo of the Fall presets

Here’s a look at what each of the presets can do!


Created while still enjoying Summer and hadn’t even thought about Fall presets. For your memories of Summer with slight Autumn tones nevertheless.

Fallen ferns

Fall shade

This might me by favorite of my Fall presets. Gives you the perfect mood for forest and mushroom photos.

Fall touch


For when you want to go really dark on the greens.

While still maintaining the other tones.

Green mood 1 & 2 & 3

For all your green photos that are just too bright and saturated.

Hazy evening

Instant Autumn 1 & 2 & 3

White it’s not Autumn yet, you can still have your photos look as if they were captured during one if you use the Instant Autumn presets.

Instant Autumn 1 & 2 are supposed to give a very similar result, depending whether you are using a RAW photo (that can use Adobe profiles) or not.

Maple red


You do know that moment when The Sun sets, everything turns into warm tones and gets a little bot dark? Exactly the mood I aimed with the Sundown preset.


Do you know the feeling of missing that sunshine in your photos during Autumn? It’s cloudy all the time and you just can’t get those positive colors and warmth in your photos… But you can get that exact sunshine feeling instantly with the Sunshine preset.

Wicked daisies 1 & 2

Another preset that I could call my favorite. The dark and gloomy mood this Lightroom preset gives will fit perfect for your Fall and darkness themed Instagram feed.

Installing the Lightroom presets

While it’s quite easy to install the presets, understanding how to do so yourself for the first time could be challenging. Tap here to read about how to install Lightroom presets on mobile or desktop.

Pricing & How To Get These Adobe Lightroom Presets

The pricing starts from €4.95 per volume.

There are three ways to purchase the presets:

1. Subscribe to my Patreon!
The Macro VIP tier will gain you access to one volume per month while the Macro VIP Extra tier will get you two. The Macro VIP & Macro Fan tiers will allow you to get one preset each month. To get all the presets right away, send me a message and I can open up a bigger tier for you.

In addition to presets, you will also get other benefits for the same price, such as my Photography & Editing Tutorials, Tips, Before & After reveal with step-by-step explanations and digital photo downloads.

2. Get it on Etsy.

3. A PayPal transfer. To purchase this way, message me on Instagram and I will let you know the next steps.

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