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10 before and after photo edits – favorites from my Instagram #6

Are you ready to see 10 new and yet unseen before and after editing photos from my Instagram? It has been two months since my previous before&after blog post. I do love to edit and often the before photo is so much different from the one I post in my feed. Stay with me and see an insight on how some of my photos looked before I edited them ?

You can use the slider to reveal the before and after of each of these photos. The photos are interactive so that you would be able to compare the photos more easily!

If you want to see the before and after of any other photo from my account, be sure to message me your request in my Instagram. 🙂

The 10 edits

You might remember me telling you that blue hydrangeas are my favorite. Too bad I haven’t seen any with my camera for multiple years. But that doesn’t stop me from achieving a blue hydrangea photo. I edited this one using a double editing technique in Lightroom (changed colors, exported and imported back in to change the colors more). Afterwards I added the bokeh bubbles in PicsArt using “Mask” option.

This forget-me-not photo is edited in Lightroom for the colors, and then – PicsArt – for the overlay. I added an overlay I have saved on my phone, and added some radial blur on it to make it swirly. Take a look below for the full size of the capture. I like to crop my photos in quite a lot.

From the warm Summer days. An edit I did on Lightroom (for the colors) and to remove the fence – I used Adobe Photoshop’s Content aware fill (on my computer).

Moody pansy from this Spring, edited only in Adobe Lightroom.

This dandelion capture actually is from Spring 2019, but that doesn’t stop me from sharing it in my feed now. I’ve edited it in Adobe Lightroom. The blue tones add such a refreshing look to the original green photo. See the full sized original photo below.

I edited this photo right when my previous orange theme ended. Luckily it fits in blue theme very well. It’s edited in Adobe Lightroom for the colors, and in PicsArt for the magical touch.

Even though the original color (purple) of this rose is already amazing, I went further and edited it for my blue theme in dark and moody tones. I cut down all the green tones from the photo to leave more accent on the rose itself. The overlay is added with PicsArt, but I posted it also without any overlays.

I captured so many photos of butterflies in lavender this year! I edited this photo only in Lightroom. By removing the yellow tones from the wings of the butterfly and introducing more cold tones in the photo, I made the butterfly stand out more on the blue tones of the flower. This photo also is quite cropped in. You can see the photo below for the comparison.

Fall vibes all the way. Edited in Lightroom. Probably with one of my Fall presets as a base, since they tend to change the greens into more orange tones. The earthy tones look quite well for Autumn.

The last edit is one of my craziest edits this Summer. A lupine flower from Summer turned into a piece of art. The green tones can be changed to red by using my Spring vibes preset “Infrared”. I added the magical overlay in.. you guessed it, PicsArt! 🙂


Have my edits inspired you? I surely hope so! I love to edit and experiment with colors. While I do edit naturally as well, I also love trying out new styles and moods.

Is there a photo in my gallery you would like to see the unedited version of? You can feel free to message me the requests and I’ll include them in my next blog post 🙂

If you have missed some of my previous before&after blog posts, tap here to view the whole category already filled with 6 blog posts. That means I’ve shared 60 edits in total!

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