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New blog!

Hey, everyone! I’m excited to start my blog where I will share my tips and experience in Instagram and photography with you!

For those who don’t know who I am – I’m a girl in her twenties from Latvia (it’s a country in Northern Europe). I love photographing everything related to nature, and I share my snaps in my Instagram account under username macro.viewpint for my macro photography and air.viewpoint for drone photography together with my fiancé. And my name is Kristine.

As for now (December, 2019) I have had my macro account on Instagram for 1.5 years. I started my Instagram journey in my macro account on June 1st, 2018.

I have faced many obstacles throughout my journey with photography and Instagram. I have also improved a lot since 1.5 years ago – in photography style, techniques, editing, and also organizing my feed and managing my Instagram account. I am ready to share my experience and what I have learned through the bad and through the good – with you.

I hope I will help you with my blog articles, and you will find them useful! 🙂


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