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How to identify any flower, insect or plant – Quicktorial

Have you ever been curious to know the name of a flower you just captured? Or to know what kind of an insect you captured in a photo? Turns out it’s very easy to identify any flower, insect, plant or anything else and let me tell you how.

To identify an object in your photo, you need to have access to Google lens. Some phones have the feature built in the camera or gallery application. But you can very easily download an application that has the feature built in (and probably you already own one) – it’s Google Photos. The same Google photos that you (probably) use to back up your photos.

The steps to identify flower, insect or anything else from a photo

  1. Install Google Photos (Android, iOS)
  2. Open the app and locate from your device the photo with an object that you want to identify
  3. Tap on the third icon in the bottom
  4. Google Lens will open and try to identify flower, insect, or anything that’s in the photo. Possibly the suggestions will consist of multiple entries, as well as you will be able to see similar photos on Google
  5. If needed, you can use the crop tool to scan only a fragment from your photo
The icon described in step 3
Google Lens results for the photo

Sometimes you might need to choose a different photo from a different angle to identify the object that you want, but most of the times this feature helps me a whole lot.

Did you know that the app can identify barely anything, including clothing, shoes and even a specific car brand? I have used the app to identify so many things, and it works so well! While I have heard that there are apps that can identify flowers, and apps that can identify insects, you need only one application to do both of the things and a lot more.

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