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Top 10 Favorites in Instagram: Summer June

It’s been a month, and I have collected 10 new favorites from Instagram that I want to share with you!

You can open up the profiles of these users if I made an interest with some of these photos. Show some love to these amazing artists. Let’s see the photos, shall we? 😊

The 10 photos

Wiktor is an author of many incredible captures, and this is no exception. I always love golden hour photos, and poppies during golden hour sounds heavenly. And is 😍

I really have no words to describe the beauty of this photo. All the droplets and bokeh create some magical aura that drags me in more and more. 😌 Her gallery is full of such shots!

This iris feels like it is from Heaven. The pink and dreamy tones and focus make me dream of a land where every photo you take looks this good. 😍 Irises were blooming the whole June, and this one surely is more beautiful than any that I have captured.

Just like Irises, Peonies received all my love during June as well. I am just in love with the depth and overall composition of this photo. And the beauty of the flowers itself too! I can already feel the heavenly smell of these peonies 😌

The whole idea of the photo, and the focus of the droplets on the petals look so good! I love the depth and the detail a lot. πŸ’“

Butterfly photos like this is my top goal for this Summer. The low angle and the golden sunlight in the background perfect this photo! I love everything about this capture ✨

Squirrels are my favorite animal, because of their cuteness and the fact that you don’t see them every day. You have to be patient and quick to capture them and get a good photo. And Tobias has done it! 🀩 The golden colors in the background combined with the detail and the cute pose of this squirrel make me look at it for a long time. And he has a lot of wildlife photos in his gallery!

The depth and detail in this capture of tiny droplets on a leaf – is phenomenal. I love everything about this photo starting from the tones and ending with the cute round droplets resting on the leaves 😍

Dark and moody capture of tiny bell flowers – what could be better? These remind me of the days when I went through meadows and collected some wild flowers to take with me in my room. Beautiful mood and tones, blue looks so good in Nature! πŸ’™

I am finishing with a photo that I would call a piece of art. The capture of this delicate poppy flower as well as the insane-colored edit drives my attention all over the photo. And I love it! 😍


I hope you were inspired, because I was! So many wonderful artists all over Instagram, and here is your chance to visit 10 of them and show their photos some love.

I will see you in a month with 10 new photos from July. Who knows what the July will bring us, but I bet it will be amazing!

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