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Top 10 Favorites in Instagram: October

I’ll tell you what. Time flies faster than I can handle it. Has it already been one month? That means it’s time to share my 10 favorite photos I’ve found on Instagram.

You can open up the profiles of these users if I made an interest with some of these photos. Show some love to these amazing artists as I have by sharing my lovely thoughts on their photos. Let’s see the photos, shall we? 😊

The 10 photos

I’m starting with something that feels like straight out from Summer! Fantastic composition, and I’d feel so lucky if I got such photo. Can this scenery be any better? 😍🐞

I am in love with the moody and desaturated edit of this fern photo. The slight orange light in the back works as a perfect accent for the whole photo 🧑

If you still might not know, I love bokeh and shallow depth of field in photos. This capture pleases both of these needs for me. Stunning work of art ✨

Fantastic contrasts! The dying daisy against the colorful background makes me feel so positive despite the scenery (but I love dying flower captures a lot actually). Perfect crisp focus and composition πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Could this be any better? I think this is in between my top ladybug photos I’ve seen. Perfect scenery! And to have that sunlight in the background 😍

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Long tailed tit (Aegithalos caudatus) ────────────── Nikon D500 and Nikkor 200-500mm. 1/400, f/5.6, ISO 640 ────────────── As the sun was slowly rising and breaking through the thick fog, I was already returning from my photography outing. Walking back through the meadows, I heard a familiar voice- a big flock of long-tailed tits. I came closer and I saw them forgaging for food on nearby bushes which are already colouring up for autumn. I noticed a bush with bright scarlet-coloured berries. I waited near the bush, fully camouflaged, and to my luck, some tits eventually moved there and allowed me to take a photo. ────────────── #birdphotography #wildlifephotography #nikond500 #bird_brilliance #birds_adored @birds_adored #birds_captures @birds_captures #longtailedtit #nikonphotography #nb_nature_brilliance #bestbirdshot #birds_illife @birds_illife #animals_captures #fiftyshades_of_nature @fiftyshades_of_nature_ #bestshotz_birds @bestshotz_birds #covtogether @children_of_vision #kings_birds @kings_birds_ #feather_perfection #raw_birds @raw_birds #birdwatching #raw_allanimals @raw_allanimals #fiftyshades_of_nature @fiftyshades_of_nature_ #naturettl @nature.ttl #feather_perfection @feather_perfection #women_wildlife_photography @women_wildlife_photography #rebels_nature @rebels_nature #birdsofinstagram #bns_birds @bns_birds @tv_allnature #naturephotography #birdwatching #charming_nature_ @charming_nature__ #naturehippys_ @naturehippys_ #total_birds #raw_birds #9v9_autumn_time @9vaga_dailythemes9

A post shared by Nina Babicová (@ninababicova_photo) on

Although I try to include only new people in my “Favorites of the month”, I slipped with this photo. Nina has captured this adorable bird so perfectly with the whole foreground and background Autumnal scenery – it feels like from the cover of National Geographic magazine (if there are such things). Pure perfection 😍

I can’t express how cute and adorable this photo is! 😍 The separation of foreground from the background with the bokeh feels so perfect. And the work Courtney did through editing is so fantastically done! β™₯️

Everything about this photo feels so perfect! The tones, the colors… And I’m in love with the composition – the leaves filling the frame work so well as the background for this tiny cute snail β™₯️

Absolutely wonderful autumn capture! The shallow depth of field drags my attention to the mushroom which glows so nicely within the warm tones in the photo ✨

Deliciously looking capture to finish with. The mood is so damn good, everything is so well balanced and thought through. A perfection for sure πŸ–€


As more than half of autumn has passed by, everyone must have had some autumn photos in their feed. And that can be seen in this blog post as well. Almost all photos have something to do with autumn, and I so love it! 🍁 Hope these photos inspired you, and perhaps you got some ideas for a photo you want to make while there are still leaves laying around πŸ€— Let’s see what november brings us. Do you think there will be pictures with snow or frost already in my favorites? ❄️

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