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Top 10 Favorites in Instagram: July

Guess what? Yes, that’s right. I have collected 10 new photos from artists in my Instagram community that I find awesome, and think that you should see them and their author’s profile. It’s time for Top 10 favorites in Instagram again!

You can open up the profiles of these users if I made an interest with some of these photos. Show some love to these amazing artists. Let’s see the photos, shall we? 😊

The 10 photos

I’m starting with purple, since it’s my to-go color currently as well, since I’m heading into purple with my own Instagram feed. I love the soft purples in all these three photos. And the tiny creatures in it make such a great accent where to put my eyes to! 💜

Continuing with purple and my top goal currently – hydrangeas! They’re starting to bloom, and I want to get the perfect photo of them. Kyle has done it perfectly with this blooming tiny flower in the middle of a hydrangea flower. Kind of a flowerception, isn’t it? 🤯

Since we’re into hydrangeas, here’s one more gorgeous shot! I love everything about this photo from the depth in it, ending with the golden lighting embracing the bokeh in the background ✨

How cute this tiny snail on top of the stem is? The answer is – incredibly! 🥰 Perfect focus, gorgeous colors and wonderful depth.

Such a refreshing capture! I adore the soft focus while still maintaining perfect sharpness here. Olivia has done a fantastic job here. 🧡

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🔷Statuesque🔷 ▸ There are 420+ species of Australian butterflies, and many of them are found nowhere else in the world. ▸ 🔖 Captured with the "New" @nisiglobal New 58mm NiSi close-up lens + "New" Macro Focussing Rail NM-180. As I've said to many people, this particular kit is awesome 💪 teamed up with my @nikonaustralia Z50 with the Micro-NIKKOR 105mm ….. So good. ▸ ⛷️ Shutter speed 1/160 sec 🌀 Aperture F18 💡 ISO 200 ▸ @nikonaustralia #zcreators #mynikonlife #z50 ▸ 📍Captured with the @nikonaustralia Z50 & the Nikon AF-S VR Micro-NIKKOR 105mm f/2.8G IF- ED ▸ 🌎 Location: Bathurst / New South Wales / Australia ▸ 🐞 Field / Live specimen: (Lycaenidae) Common Grass Blue Butterfly 📏 20mm ▸ 🔧 All shot in Manual Focus ▸ ⚙️ Tripod : Sirui Pro Tripod R-2214X Tripod with K-30ll Ball Head ▸ 🗜️ Macro Focussing Rail NM-180 by @nisiglobal ▸ 🔬 Magnification : NiSi Close Up Lens Kit NC 58mm by @nisiglobal ▸ 🎞️ 8 shots stacked 🧩 stacked in @photoshop ▸ 🔆 MK Diffuser by @mkdiffuser ▸ ⚡ Flash : Nikon SB-5000 speed light ▸ @nikonaustralia ▸ 📷 Camera : Nikon Z50 with FTZ adapter 🔘 Lens : Nikon AF-S VR Micro-NIKKOR 105mm f/2.8G IF- ED ▸ This image is owned by @nightfall_photography Please visit my website for full size image and prints ▸ 📩[email protected] 🌎 ▸ @nikon_mirrorless #nikonz #NikonTogether #MomentswithNikon #MyNIKKOR #nisi #nisifiltersanz #cupoty #ABCmyphoto #ausgeo #BBCWildlifePOTD #earthcapture #macro_highlight #macro_freaks #macro_brilliance #top_macro #kings_macro #macro_turkey #insectguru #turklikeben_macro #invert_macro #grikart_macro #raw_insects #beautiful_insects_japan #vizorturkflowermacro #passion_in_macro #macro_perfection #lonelyplanet @bbcearth @natgeocreative @natgeoyourshot @natgeo

A post shared by Aaron Molenkamp 🇦🇺 | Macro (@nightfall_photography) on

Summer is all about insects and butterflies. I’ve seen more of them this year than ever. Maybe because I have actually started looking for them. 🤔🤣 I absolutely love the detail and sharpness in this butterfly capture. The warm orange and red tones make a perfect background for this little fella. 🧡

Since we’re onto butterfly topic, here is one more. The angle, from which this photo is captured, is perfect. And the sunlight and bokeh bubbles look so pretty in the background! 😍

This capture is full of bokeh and softness, and I adore it so much. Doreen has done some amazing work with editing this photo, I applaud for that. 👏🏻

This photo is pastel and softness infusion. 💓 I love the abstract feel it has, and the tiny droplets add something to drag my eyes onto.

I’m finishing with another abstract close up. I can’t express how much I love the whole concept of there photo. There’s a flower petal, there’s a dandelion fluff, and there are droplets. The way they combine in this picture make me adore it so much. 😍


I surely hope you were inspired by these photos and opened up some of the accounts to show some love to their content as well. I will see you at the end of this next month. Meanwhile, in case you have missed, do visit the previous parts of the “Favorites in Instagram” series by visiting the Top Favorites category of my blog.

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