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Top 10 Favorites in Instagram: August

It has been one month, and I have prepared 10 new Instagram photos that I really liked. It’s time for Monthly Favorites again!

You can open up the profiles of these users if I made an interest with some of these photos. Show some love to these amazing artists. Let’s see the photos, shall we? 😊

The 10 photos

Hydrangeas are a very favorite subject for me, because I adore how they look. Especially violet and purple ones! 😍 I love the mood of this edit a lot!

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Orange Burst

A post shared by Monica (@lesfleursdelanuit) on

I would call this photo “Last breath of a poppy”, since they are barely found anywhere in August. The gorgeous edit in this photo, the light shining upon the darkness – all of it looks magical and beautiful! 🖤

I loved this photo the moment I saw it! The whole idea of the photo, including th summer daisy flowers and the golden light and bokeh looks so heart warming 🥰

I’m a sucker for depth and bokeh! The perfect focus and all the depth in this photo look so pretty ✨ And those raspberries look so damn delicious 😋

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Happy Sunday! 💛

A post shared by Alina Świątek (Timofte) (@aswiatekphotography) on

I love dark and moody edits too, including this one! Something in the tones and the way this photo is edited attracts me a lot. The droplets on the flower complete the photo perfectly 💧

Did I say I love bokeh? The depth in this photo is perfect, revealing the bokeh embracing from the light in the background. Gorgeous soft capture of a rose 🌹

This red poppy wandering in the field alone – has been captured so wonderfully! I adore the muted colors from the background, leaving only the blue-ish green tone that the poppy contrast perfectly on 💙

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Look out! . . Here’s another flight shot using diffused flash and my NiSi closeup kit, but today I’m not quite sure what the species is. I’m leaning towards genus Anthophora, but after searching exhaustively, I can’t find another bee that looks similar enough to settle on a species so I welcome any input on the ID. I found several of them feeding on my evening primrose flowers, and they would come in around 5pm and “assist” the blossoms in opening, and then gather the pollen. After that, they would crawl down to the base of the long flower tube and extract nectar by pricking through the side a la “nectar robbing”. Not true nectar robbing though since they clearly pollinated the flower. These bees would dart quickly from bud to bud and hover momentarily zig-zagging side to side in front of it before decided whether to land or not providing good opportunities to capture them in flight. I came away with quite a few great shots that day and only wish I’d had a few more days free to shoot there as they were no longer around the next weekend. I’ve thrown in a panoramic profile of one without pollen to help with ID, and a closeup of the eye on the flight shot just for kicks!😜 • • Sony A7R3 : SEL90M28 : F10 : 1/250 : ISO250 : Diffused Flash & #NiSi 77mm close up lens kit • Live in the field specimen : handheld single shot : edited with LR and #topazlabs Sharpen AI • Prints available on my website: Get your own copy of Topaz software: Get the NiSi close up kit: DM or email me! • • “The most difficult thing is the decision to act. The rest is merely tenacity.” – Amelia Earhart • @nisifrance @nisifiltersiran . #beesofinstagram #inthewildhood #pollinators #nativebees #gotcha_inflight #macro_perfection #1macroshot #top_macro #yourshotphotographer #insectguru #beautiful_insects_japan #invert_macro #arthropod_perfection #ip_insects #dof_of_our_world #dof_brilliance #top_macro #macro_photogroup #nuts_about_macro #EarthCapture #BBCWildlifePOTD #wholelottabugs #dof_explore #insects_of_our_world #macro_delight #macro_brilliance #macro_captures_ #nature_timeless

A post shared by Jose Madrigal (@jmad_images) on

As much as I adore the eyes of these bees, the fact that such bee is captured so perfectly sharp mid-air, amazes me even more! Simply incredible! 👏🏻

Absolutely gorgeously captured the Sunlight shining through the thin petals of the flower, as well as the depth in the photo. The foreground elements add such pretty blur and depth, framing the flower perfectly ✨

Simply magical colors, depth, sharpness and bokeh! Blue goes so perfectly together with orange. The droplets on the photo add the perfect final touch to the whole composition 💧


Be sure to check out these amazing artists if I inspired you with these photos! I believe that the September’s favorites will include more mushrooms, leaves and autumn vibes, but we will have to see what September has got for us 🍁

While you’re waiting for the next part, in case you have missed, do visit the previous parts of the “Favorites in Instagram” series by visiting the Top Favorites category of my blog.

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