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Prints & Digital Copies of My Work

Besides showing you my macro photography on my Instagram, I also offer ways for you to purchase it for yourself. Prints or digital copies of my work – you got it all! If you’re interested in purchasing prints of my work or download a digital copy of my photos, you’re in the right place. I offer prints, postcards (and other type of merchandise products) on my RedBubble account. Meanwhile you can get digital copies of my work from multiple sites: ShutterStock, Adobe Stock and PicFair, as well as Unsplash.

Buy Prints

I offer prints for more than 150 photos that I have created. The photos in the store have been specially prepared to have better quality when viewed up close. Also lots of the photos have been improved when comparing to the photo I shared on Instagram.

If you would like to purchase prints, postcards, stickers or anything else with my photo on top, visit my RedBubble store.

To visit my RedBubble profile and download digital copies of my work, tap here

I have created a special collection of my own favorite photos that would look on your wall the best. Tap here to view a list of my favorite RedBubble choices.

Buy Digital Copies of My Work

Since I offer digital copies from multiple sites, you can see which fits you the best. The pricing and subscription on each of the sites differ.

Digital copies on ShutterStock

Shutterstock was the first stock site I signed up on to share digital copies of my work. I have shared more than 2000 photos on the site.

To visit my ShutterStock profile and download digital copies of my work, tap here

Digital copies on Adobe Stock

Meanwhile on Adobe stock have shared over 1000 photos since I registered there much later than on Shutterstock.

To visit my Adobe Stock profile and download digital copies of my work, tap here

Digital copies on PicFair

Only some of my best work have been uploaded on my PicFair page. Comparing to Shutterstock and Adobe Stock, on PicFair the photos have a fixed price and there is no subscription. Unless you have a subscription on either of the sites, PicFair will be the most money-friendly option on purchasing digital art.

To visit my PicFair profile and download digital copies of my work, tap here

Download Free Stock Photos

In addition to my paid work, you can also acquire some free content of mine. I have an account on Unsplash where I have the largest collection of free photos amongst all of such kind of sites.

To visit my Unsplash profile for free stock photos, tap here

Download free mobile wallpapers

For personal use only I also offer a wide variety of mobile wallpapers on my own website.

To browse all my free wallpapers, tap here


Long story short, you can:

Purchase prints, cards and merch on RedBubble

Buy digital photos on ShutterStock

Buy digital photos on Adobe Stock

Buy digital photos on PicFair

Download free photos on Unsplash

Download free mobile wallpapers on

Thank you if you do 🙂

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