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How to track and manage Instagram comments easily

We all know the struggle of missing an Instagram comment from someone, because you got so many notifications overnight, and some notifications just disappeared in the end of your recent notifications list. If only there was a way to track and manage all the new and unanswered comments in Instagram. Great news, because there is!

When your account is smaller and you don’t receive so many new notifications over a period of time, it is easy to scroll through all notifications and see everything that have happened since you last visited Instagram. But when your account grows, your notification volume grows too, and it is harder to keep track of every comment or action made in your profile. That’s where tools outside of Instagram can help you.

The way I manage my account’s comments are by using Facebook Pages Manager. It’s available as an app for Android, iOS, as well as in web.

Step 1: Switch to Professional account

To use the Facebook Pages Manager, your Instagram account need to be Professional account. I have described how to switch your Instagram account to professional in my blog article How to get statistics on your Instagram account for free?. Switching to professional account also enables statistics about your posts and your audience.

Step 2: Create a Facebook page for your Instagram

After you have switched your account to professional, you need to create a Facebook page for your Instagram account, just like I have done. When you promote a post or create an ad in Instagram – a page is created automatically. Instagram have described how to create a Facebook page for your Instagram account in this article.

When you have Instagram’s Facebook page connected to your Facebook account – you now have it available under the arrow on the right side (web) or under the menu button (mobile).

The new Facebook page is now available under the menu

Step 3: Open your pages Inbox

When you visit your new page, you now have an “Inbox” in your menu. This is where you can manage your Facebook and Instagram messages (yes, you can chat with people in Instagram messaging on your computer from there). As well as manage your Facebook and Instagram comments from there.

Facebook page with the “Inbox” option – on web
Accessing your Instagram comments using Facebook Pages Manager app

When you have opened the comments section in your Facebook Pages Manager – you now have a list of your photos that have unanswered comments (those posts are bold, just like in the photo above or below).

If you are having problems finding the inbox, then you can use this link as a template: Change the _your_page_name_ to the name of your page (or how it appears in the URL part) and it should open your page’s Inbox.

Facebook Inbox from web on a computer

You can choose either to answer to the comment directly from Facebook Pages Manager, or use this list to know which posts to check on your Instagram app.

Note that when you answer to a comment from Facebook – your comment isn’t posted as a reply under a comment, rather than a separate comment mentioning the user you are answering to. That’s why I do not reply to comments from there. Update (February 2020): the answers now get posted as direct replies. Woohoo!

Also note that if you answer to a recent comment on a post, it is marked as read even if you have some older comment unanswered. But you can still check the posts in the Inbox’s Comments section to see if you have any unanswered comments (they will not have the “View replies” or “1 like” under them, if you have not interacted with them).

In conclusion

If you followed all the steps, you now see all the new comments under your photos even if you have missed them in Instagram. There will be less late answers to comments, and you will be able to feel calm knowing that there aren’t any ignored comments in your Instagram.

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